Why would anyone give their hard-earned money away?

Great question!  A lot of people feel like the church is the place where they con or pressure you to get your dollars.  Not so at CPC.  We are here for what we can give our community far more than what we can get back.  Most of those who are part of the Connecting Point family give but not because they feel like they have to.  It is simply a matter of being grateful.  Everything we have comes from somewhere and we believe even the ability to work and make money comes from God.  When we consider all we have been given, the natural response is to give back.  So we do!!!

Our promise to you is that we will squeeze all the potential out of every dollar given.  We will be responsible and accountable and invest it to bring more hope to our community.  If you want to invest, click the button and jump in.  One thing we are sure of – – when we do what we can – – God does something worth remembering.

As always, if you have any questions you can direct them to [email protected].  You will receive an email confirming your gift for your personal records.