Teams working together make big tasks small. At CPC our Serve Teams are ideal places to jump in and make a difference, meet new people, and give back. Our motto is: Served People Serve. If your looking for the opportunity to plug in and start serving or are just curious contact Admin

  • A-Team

    Handles Administrative Task

  • The Brew Team

    Our goal is to be the ideal place to get a drink and meet a welcoming CPCer

  • First Impressions

    We are the Big smiles and even bigger hearts that welcome guests and help set the tone

  • Celebrate Recovery

  • CP Kidz

    Love kids, Wants to investing them and there families

  • Music Team

    Provide music for all of CPC large group experiences

  • Events Team

    Exists to create an awesome environment for events we host at CPC

  • Youth Team

    We’re investing in our amazing teens

  • Facilites Team

    Is a group that provides routine bulding maintenance

  • Production Team

    Exists to use technology to enhance the mission and vision of CPC

  • Safety and Response Team

    The Safety and well being of church family is our utmost importance

  • Prayer Team

    Simply put- Pray.